MSEPL is a company specializing in the construction of photovoltaic plants and their connection to the grid. With a great international projection. Our 14 years of experience in providing services and EPC solutions ensures the viability of our customers' projects.

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M&SEPL is a vertically integrated group covering all needs of large-scale photovoltaic projects from “Engineering to Energy Storage”. This integration allows us to gain in-depth knowledge and better control of every stage of the project, including commissioning and connection, and gives us the ability to offer better lead times and tighter prices than if we relied on third parties.

M&SEPL is a reliable, agile, and independent company that designs, develops and builds renewable clean energy projects and offers related consulting services to companies. Along with infrastructure projects for solar energy systems, we partner with commercial energy customers of all sizes to guide their businesses toward a flawless transition to clean, renewable energy.
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